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B =

C =

  Opposite angle in
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A, B, C = length of sides

d, e, f = angles, opposite to sides A, B, C

P = Perimeter , S = Surface

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triangle calculator

triangle solver

triangle solution

How to     ( Javascript must be enabled )

Input 3 values including at least one non angular one.

    ( d is the angle opposite to side A; e opposite to B; f opposite to C

Click button [ Calculate ] or [ Enter ] key to get all other values and a drawing of that triangle.

  Or click in the white left zone to directly draw a triangle.

  The 3 inputs used for solution will be shaded in yellow background.

[ Rotation ] to turn clockwise the triangle on another side.

[ Miror ] to reverse the triangle left to right.

[ Reset] or [ Esc ] key to erase all values.

[ Data ] leave only input data. ( Note the two blanks preceding calculated values. )

[ Complementary ] give a second possible solution.

[ degree ] or [ radiant ] to change angular unit.

[ < ] or [ > ] ( at top with Triangulator # ) to go backward or forward to preceding solutions.

[ + ] or [ - ] change the number of decimals to edit.

    Augmenting the precision may be needed when the calculation is impossible.

The last calculation is memorised in a "cookie" and will be installed when this page is reloaded.

The calculation is done with the three first inputs entered according to the order A B C d e f P S.

    Others values are discarded and not concorded.

The text in Results box can be copied and paste to be saved elsewhere.

    Pasting others results there, [ Report results ] inputs them in the calculator.

Ref: Wikipedia + Solution

by Richard Lefebvre  

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